The Beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Eustatius

The Beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Eustatius

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St. Eustatius, a territory of the Netherlands, is a saddle-shaped island in the West Indies best known for its inviting blue waters and immensely unspoilt natural beauty. Affectionately called Statia by its inhabitants, it is slowly becoming one of the premier destinations in the Caribbean because it offers tranquillity and incomparable beauty in a landscape of pure harmony and welcoming smiles. It one of the very few islands that have not been invaded by sprawling modernity setting the mood for romance, meditation and time off the hustle and bustle of the big city. Despite its refreshing simplicity, the island more than makes up for innate beauty as it will never cease to amaze its guests whether be it on land or underwater. St Eustatius activities are synonymous to a compelling out of the box experience amidst the grandeur of nature.


After a Longhaul flight to the Caribbean across the world, one of the first thing on your mind is the golden sand beaches. St. Eustatius beaches do not rival those of its neighbouring Caribbean counterparts because of the island’s volcanic origin. The town of Oranjestad is home to the finest beaches in the whole island including Crooks Castle Beach. Zeelandia, on its eastern side, is home to a dark-sand beach with invigorating waves for a surfer’s dream. However, with a creative mind and a zest for adventure, tourists can capitalise on what is in store for them underwater. The seabeds of St Eustatius are home to some of the finest shipwrecks in the Caribbean. The rich and colourful history of the island is mirrored in the pristine blue waters.  Scuba diving and snorkelling remain to be top escapades because the characteristic colourful coral reefs, tropical fishes and marine biodiversity keep guests coming and wanting for more.

Things to Do

One St. Eustatius activity that is impossible to resist is the temptation of conquering the Quill. The highest peak of the islands, the Quill is littered with hiking and biking trails for good day of sweat and exercise. Not to mention, the ecotourism draw in the island is grounded on its rich flora and fauna that includes some of the rarest species that culminates in a refreshing dip in the crater of this dormant volcano. A smaller yet equally challenging and breathtaking mountain, the Boven, takes pride in contributing a good part of the island’s natural and national parks. Never to be left out is the Simon Doncker Museum where the history and culture of the island is painstakingly chronicled.


Shopping is another St. Eustatius activity that may surprise any guest. For a small island best known for its serene environment, surprisingly good shopping finds are not hard to come by. Mazinga Gift Shop in Upper Town offers a wide array of perfect souvenir items like local handicraft, accessories, 14-carat gold and beachwear. Other popular options include Historical Foundation Gift Shop, Happy City Supermarket, People Choice Supermarket, and Smidt’s Enterprises. Most shops are often between 8 am to 5 pm.

Dining and Drinking

Not too far from the St. Eustatius resorts; the gastronomic experience offers a feast for both the eyes and the palate. The Blue Bead Bar and Restaurant is famous for their delectable dishes, stunning concoctions and a perfect view of the sunset by the beach. Equally popular is Super Burger for their mouth-watering patties perfectly coupled by local and international beers. Moreover, nightlife and after dark activities are limited yet it does not mean it is totally non-existent. A few of the popular choices include the Friday live band in an open-air beach setting in Smoke Alley Bar & Grill and the local Caribbean vibe in Cool Corner in Uppertown.

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